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Herbaria, Herbarium Specimens and Field Notebooks

  • Berlin negatives, digitized photographic images from Berlin Dahlem (specimens later lost in WWII) of herbarium specimens collected in Central and South America from 1778 through May 1930.

  • Index herbariorum part I, Herbaria of the world (QK75 .I5 1990 Reference).  A global directory of public herbaria, associated staff and collections.  Location of collector’s collections; important collections at each of the herbaria; points to location of isotypes and dupes; use online edition at NYBG for current staff and email addresses.
  • Index herbariorum Part II (1-7) QK96.R4.  Vitals on collectors; locations of significant numbers of collections.
  • “Register of plant collectors’ field notes held in North American institutions” (Stieber, M.T. 1982). Huntia 4(3):151-202.
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