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Systematic/Monographic Treatments

  • Helpful hints:  In IPNI look for author of a combination, find the paper, often one or more taxa and keys and references to other species and keys.  Author of a new name usually gives references to earlier literature. Munz, P.A. 1959–usually cited a systematic treatment he used at the end of the description of each genus in the flora.  Review herbarium specimen annotations; annotators usually publish a paper or thesis or dissertation on the taxa they annotate and often indicate universities and potential topic titles on the annotation slips. Contrib. U.S. National Herbarium, etc. look for citation of specimens.  Authors of Jepson Manual revision or Flora of North America: North of Mexico treatments often have larger treatments in hand and are recognized experts in the group.


  • Index to botanical monographs: a guide to monographs and taxonomic papers relating to phanerogams and vascular cryptogams found growing wild in the British Isles (Douglas H. Kent).  London: Academic Press, 1967 (Z5358 .G7 K4 1967 Reference).
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